Ang Katawan Ni Kristo

Monday, June 11, 2007

Beautiful hymn ..

can't wait to receive the CD in my mail ...

Click on to listen to a 'sample' version of the song ...

the first time i heard the hymn was when the 11am choir sang it during one of the Mass ... the singer's voice was nice and the song suited him well... looking at the lyrics, it speaks of what makes a Christian family and that we are all a part of the Christian family because of what Jesus has unconditionally done for us ... His is the perfect love...

Ang Katawan Ni Kristo
In the presence of our God, as we gather here in Christ, feel the Spirit breathe upon us, the breath of life, grace and divine.

We have come to break the bread; we have come to share our lives. Let us bring these fruits to the table, the love of God, yours and mine!


Behold the Body of Christ, Jesus our Saviour and Life!
Rejoice O people of God! We are the Body of Christ!

When we gather in our homes, through our prayers and our meals, we are fed and nourished together, our families, broken and blessed.

In the household of the Lord, where we come to share the meal, we are fed the words of our Saviour, one family, strengthened and healed.

In the presence of our God, by the justice that is shown,
We will build a kingdom together;
The love of Christ given to all


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